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ZONESUN Automatic Flat Surface Labeling Machine ZS-TB602

ZONESUN Automatic Flat Surface Labeling Machine ZS-TB602

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This automatic labeling machine is an industrial equipment that applies self-adhesive labels to products on flat surfaces. These machines are ideal for labeling a variety of products such as boxes, bags, cartons, and other flat surfaces.

 It features top and bottom labeling. Also, it is equipped with a ZS-DC24A date coding machine.

 These machines are widely used in industries such as food and beverage, cosmetics, and more. They are an essential tool for companies that need to label their products accurately and efficiently, with consistent results every time.

Whatever your packaging needs are, you can rely on ZONESUN.


Machine Model



220V 50-60Hz

Labeling Speed

About 30-60pcs/min (depending on product and label size)

Label Size


Suitable Product Size


Machine Size

About 2410*879*1511mm

Package Size

About 2100*900*1600mm

Net Weight/Gross Weight

About 220kg/352kg


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